Comprehensive Family Law

There are times when it is virtually impossible to negotiate a divorce, child custody agreement or other family dispute due to current circumstances, past history or outright animosity.

As an experienced lawyer, I have found that some cases have to go to trial. As an experienced negotiator, I also have the flexibility and knowledge to help my family law clients reach lasting resolutions through other means.

The other party may be unable or unwilling to cooperate, or the issues may be truly irreconcilable. While the brute-force approach of court litigation may be the only viable option for some family law clients, I have learned that negotiation, family mediation and collaborative law techniques can often result in a more satisfying resolution of divorce, child custody and family support issues.

I can assist my clients through traditional settlement negotiations or collaborations between parties and their collaboratively trained attorneys.

The scope of our family law services includes:


Collaborative Divorce


Spousal support


Pre- and post-nuptial agreements

Division of marital property

Equitable distribution of marital assets and debt

Child Custody

Collaborative Divorce

Child custody

Child visitation, parenting schedules, and mediation

Child support

Modification of orders

Grandparents Rights

Custodial child relocation

Step-parent adoption

Real Estate Law

Attorney Michael Nies is a skilled real estate lawyer. He understands that your home one of the largest investments you will ever make; and is prepared to guide your residential real estate cash purchase or sale from beginning to end, putting his experience to work to make sure that you have accounted for all the details. He will assist in the drafting and review of all documents pertaining to your home purchase or sale; and handle your title search as well as assist in the closing.

The scope of our real estate law services includes:

Residential cash purchases/sales

Review and write agreements

Title searches

Attending residential property closings

Reviewing and preparing sales agreements

Preparing deeds

Preparing mortgages and notes

Wills & Powers of Attorney

Your will is an important estate planning document that can help distribute assets and property to your loved ones after you pass away. Attorney Nies has extensive experience in helping clients with drafting of their wills. He understands that what is right for somebody else may not be right for you; and work with you closely to determine your unique needs and put your plans into action.

Who will make important health care and financial decisions for you when you are no longer able to make those decisions for yourself? Establishing a power of attorney or living will can give you the power to answer this question, and not have someone else answer it for you. You can trust Attorney Nies to guide you through the necessary steps to make sure that these important documents are in proper order; giving you peace of mind.

Think of us for:


Living Wills

Powers of Attorney

Probate and Estate Administration

At the law office of Attorney Michael J. Nies, we bring more than 25 years of experience to people who need legal assistance to settling the estate of a loved one. We understand that every estate has unique issues and challenges, and will take the time to learn the specific details of your case so that we can anticipate any potential problems and help you take the right steps to protect yourself and to oversee the orderly settlement of the estate according to the wishes of the deceased.

We assist you in:

Probating the will

Asset valuation

Asset distribution

Paying debts of the estate

Role of the executor

Attorney Mike Nies handles Collaborative Divorce & Traditional Divorce Settlement Negotiations.

Collaborative Divorce & Traditional Divorce Settlement Negotiations

Attorney Nies specializes in Child Custody & Child Support.

Child Custody & Child Support

Attorney Mike Nies works hard to ensure fair child visitation that is in the best interests of the child.

Child Visitation

Trust Attorney Michael Nies to handle your real estate sale and closing.

Residential Real Estate Cash Purchases & Sales

Attorney Nies will review your mortgage to make sure everything is compliant with federal mortgage lending laws.

Real Estate Closings

Michael Nies is an experienced and trustworthy lawyer when it comes to powers of attorney, wills and estate settlement.

Wills & Powers of Attorney